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Transportation of large volumes and heavy tonnage cargoes by sea and road requires special knowledge and expertise.

We have the resources and knowledge network to offer solutions for this type of transport, which requires a lot of skill and effort.

We can provide the best possible solution to ensure

Project Cargo

Special project cargo arrives at its destination safely and soundly. Whether it's a standard cargo or a special project cargo involving heavy, oversized machinery or precision equipment, our project and logistics team always pays special attention to the safe and sound transportation and delivery of your cargo from door to door.

During the special, oversized and heavy and bulk cargo transportation of your project, we offer a wide range of services such as inland transportation, multi-purpose vessel chartering, loading, securing with low-bed and special vehicles that offer the best options in heavy transportation. and cargo lashing, cargo inspection and certification according to customer's request.

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Port Agency Services

Sabay Shipping Agency was established based in Iskenderun and Istanbul, and has become one of the leading specialist companies providing port agency services to ships coming to Region ports for loading / unloading operations, acting as the port agency of shipowners or charterers in all terminals, refineries.

At the ports in the region, Sabay Shipping Agency provides excellent and impeccable services that best suit the needs and demands of its customers, thanks to its well-trained and expert staff infused with the unique culture of the company.

We offer special agency services to our employers and their ships and their cargo at the ports of the Region, and we always try to offer our employers the best with our services that are structured to meet the unique needs of each of our employers. We always aim to achieve our goal of providing excellent service and even exceed our customers' expectations.


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