Protecting Agency

delivery, logistics, sea transport

Bosphorus Passaging Agency

bunker, motor boat, sea transport, straits, transit

Port Agency

deslopping, dry dock, logistics, maintance, rail, repair, road, sea transport

Chartering & Brokering Services

Sabay Shipping is able to provide Door To Door Service also including River Transportation through Sabay Logistic which is part of Sabay Group


Providing tonnage for River & Sea Transportation. Mainly working Cargoes handled by Direct or Semi Exclusive Charterers. Mainly working with Turkish Iron, Fertilizers and Grain Charterers

Acting as a Broker Of Project Cargo Carriers. Providing Transportation Facilities for Part Cargoes mainly from Turkey to West and North Africa / from Far East to Turkey






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Turkey Maritime Organization's internet address is www.tdi.gov.tr.
You can watch the Dardanel & Bosphorus Straits Marine Traffic online at www.marinetraffic.com.
Turkish Chamber Of Shipping's internet address is www.denizticaretodasi.org.tr.

All Things Sabay Shipping Locally & Globally

Having the status of being an institutional company, we aim to increase the product range that we serve in order to provide the best service with the best prices with the continuity principle in service.
To supply most valuable service to the customers on timely basis to avoid customers portfolio loss and to increase satisfied customer numbers.


Logistics Made Easy Through Digital Solutions

To follow the changing logistics and transportation concept in the world closely and to adapt new transportation service modes.
In Turkey and the world to expand our customer portfolio in all transportation modes.




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